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Be Not Afraid
March 23, 2020, 10:43 AM

The wind whipped and battered the tiny boat.  Straining painfully at the oars, a small group of young men tried to row but made no progress.  Waves crashed over the bow and the knawing fear that the boat would break in half grew.  

                As the situation continued to deteriorate and grew ever worse, the men looked up to see an apparition walking across the storm swept sea towards them.   Now they had to deal with not only a storm they could not control, but some crazy ghost.  Fear got the better of them and they screamed.

                Suddenly, from across the water came these words;  “Do not be afraid, it is I.”  Many of us are familiar with the story of Jesus walking on the water, but we forget the terror and uncertainty that came with this miracle.  Jesus reaching out to His disciples and calmed the storm, but when He first reassured them, the waves had not yet stopped.   

                In these uncertain times remember that the Savior is not absent, He is on His way and we need not be afraid.  If we trust in Him through the storms, He will see us safe to harbor.