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Its all about relationship
April 24, 2018, 11:38 AM

Three men approached the king, looking for various requests to be honored.  They desired lands, honor and deliverance from hostile neighbors. The first man approached the king angrily and with pride.  It was no secret that He opposed the king and his authority.  It was not a surprise to the crowd in the room that this man did not receive what he wanted.  As the king denied his demands, he stormed to the back.  His anger was obvious to all around him, and the second man approached with confidence, after all, he was not like that man.  This man came forward with flattery and a list of things done in the king’s name.  While many expected this man to receive what he asked, the king saw through his motives and, not knowing this man, denied his requests as well.  Finally, the third man prepared to step forward.  “What makes you think the king will give you anything,?”  the first man sneered.   As he quietly moved to the front of the room, that last man simply answered “the king is my father.”    You see relationship was all that mattered.  It is not your goodness, self-sacrifice or a prayer that gets you to heaven.  It is about relationship.  In speaking about Jesus John 1:12 states “but to all who received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God.”  Do you have a relationship with the king?  It is the only thing that truly matters.  In whom do you believe and trust?  We encourage you to explore a relationship with the King, Jesus Christ, today.  This is why we are in Douglas, and why Lighthouse Church is looking to serve you, our community.  Please feel free to check us out or call us anytime.  Pastor John Byerly