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When things aren't as you expected
April 24, 2018, 11:37 AM


As a newly minted senator, the future President, Harry Truman was given some advice and counsel before heading to Washington.  A friend told him that he would spend the first few months sitting in congress looking around wondering how he ever got there.   He then went on to tell Harry that he would spend the last few years sitting there looking around and wondering how all these people ever got there!   It is a common human experience to see our dreams seemingly turn sour as things turn out differently than we planned.  Whether “great” or “small” we see the same pattern.  The difference is often that the “great” person can overcome uncertainty.  As Alvin Reid has said we would “rather be unhappy than uncertain.”  The issue is that the great person leaps into the unknown and carves victory out of the uncertain future.  When things don’t turn out as we planned and we look around wondering how this ever happened, we tend to freeze up at the thought of change.  But this is what Jesus said about it, “blessed are the people who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29 NET) He calls us to trust Him even though we have not seen Him and to place our lives in His control even though the future is uncertain.  Don’t try to control a life that you can’t settling for unhapiness.  Instead trust in Him even though trust requires us to overcome uncertainty.  Eternity becons for it is not by earning salvation that we live in uncertain times, it is as Paul said, “the righteous by faith will live.” (Rom. 1:17b) Pastor John Byerly